Cutrun wrote:
> Hi. Is there a way to make a network connection between Irix based and Win
> XP based machines ? What I'd like to acomplish is to be able to connect to
> the Internet using my Octane which is Lan connected to Win XP machine, which
> is connected to the Internet over ADSL connection. Is such a thing even
> possible ? And if so, what software tools do I need to have ?

You'll need to set up "Internet Connection Sharing" (aka ICS) on the
WinXP machine. Ask in a Windows newsgroup if you need help with that.

Then setup the Octane with an IP address on the same subnet as the LAN
connection on the XP machine. Specify the LAN address of the XP machine
as the default gateway on the Octane. You may also need to configure
DNS servers and other networking items as you normally would for any
Internet-connected Octane. You just set up the Octane like you always
would for connecting it to the Internet with the XP box as the default