"Cutrun" schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Hi. Is there a way to make a network connection between Irix based and Win
> XP based machines ? What I'd like to acomplish is to be able to connect to
> the Internet using my Octane which is Lan connected to Win XP machine,

> is connected to the Internet over ADSL connection. Is such a thing even
> possible ? And if so, what software tools do I need to have ?

Windows XP comes with a Internetsharing Assistent which setup some simple
NAT to a private Network. Your Octane can recieve the Information through
DHCP from the Win Box or you setup the default Gateway by Hand. Software
like Winroute, and similar do the same.

Better way is to buy a cheap hardware DSL router. Comes with a easy to use
Webfrontend, simple Paketfilter, Dyndns client and for five bucks more also
gives you W-Lan. When using this your Win Box must not running all the time
when you would like Internet from another machine.


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