Hello NG,

I have a problem with the SGI dhcp server.
If I try to start it nothing happens and
the syslog tells me:

SGI bootp/dhcp Server V3.1.3 starting at Thu Mar 24 7:02:34 2005
'get alias addr' ioctl failed (Invalid argument)
getsockname failed (Socket operation on non-socket)

Does anybody know how to fix this problem?


Configuration file
Serve_This_Network: 1
pro_address_counter: 1
pro_host_pfx_counter: 1
pro_netmask: MYMASK
pro_lease: MYTIME
pro_host_prefix: MYNAME
pro_choose_name: 1
pro_ipaddress_range: MYRANGE
pro_router_addr: MYROUTER
pro_dns_domain: MYDNS
pro_mtu: 1600
pro_allnets_local: 1
pro_domask_disc: 0
pro_resp_mask_req: 0