Hi all,

I'm having some problems porting a ViewKit application written with ViewKit
1.5.3 to 2.1.
I switched to 2.1 by executing "/usr/Motif-2.1/lib/mksymlinks"

I managed to create a small test application that shows the problem:


static int defaultConfig[] =
{ GLX_RGBA, None };

int main(int argc, char * argv[]) {

VkApp * app = new VkApp("test", &argc, argv);
VkSimpleWindow * window = new VkSimpleWindow("window");

Widget form =
xmFormWidgetClass, window->mainWindowWidget(), NULL);

window->addView( form );
Widget toplevel, w;
Arg arg[1];

XVisualInfo * visInfo = NULL;
Display * display = XtDisplay(form);
visInfo =
glXChooseVisual(display, DefaultScreen(display), defaultConfig);
XtSetArg(arg[ 0 ], GLwNvisualInfo, (XtArgVal) visInfo);
w = GLwCreateMDrawingArea(form, "GLWidget", arg, 1);

return 0;

According to the core dump the GLwCreateMDrawingArea call goes wrong, but I
have no idea what is causing it.
If I switch back to the old ViewKit version and recompile the test app it works.
My system is an Indigo2 R100000 Impact running 6.5.22m.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,