Hello Everyone,

First let me thank everyone that has responded and offered advice,
especially Ian Mapleson. I blame myself for not providing the correct
terminology to let you understand my questions. I have only the owners
manual and what I have learned here. I am going to use my new found
vocabulary and a few links to some pages from the owner manual to help
me make myself clear. I am in no way trying to be a smart ass, it just
seems that a lot of the answers I am getting are 'too' technical for the
question I am asking. This may be because my question is not as simple
as I believe it to be.

Here we go:

From the owners manual I have gathered that the machine ships with all
the cables to be either Differential or Single-Ended. You can see that
here http://www.sgizone.net/documents/pdf/contents.pdf . Upon reading
the manual states that to be SE you have to use the 68 to 50 pin cable
and can be connected to the Challenge M or the Indigo2. If being used in
the Diff style, a longer cable can be used for connecting to a Onyx or
Origin. The machine appears to ship exactly the same for both uses and
with both types of cables. The only difference I have been able to find
is with the drives themselves. Here is a picture from the manual
http://www.sgizone.net/documents/pdf/drives.pdf . The drives look the
same with the exception of the added 'adapter' on the Diff version.

The entire manual can be found here:

My question is: Can I remove the 'adapter' from the Diff drives that
came in my Vault and make them work in single-ended mode? The drives are
all original SGI Option drives that probably shipped with the unit new.
There are three of them they are all IBM drives P/N's (1)0664-N1D and

Any information would be very helpful,

Thank you in advance,