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>Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 01:06:28 -0500
>From: kraig
>Subject: Re: Help! 320 Workstation standstill
>To: info-iris-misc@ARL.ARMY.MIL

>Yes Unix Museum! I have partitioned the 200Mb partition for the arc loader,
>through the PROM 1005, also the rest of the drive partitioned for the OS
>but although the partition is there it has not been formatted, correct?, and
>will not be formatted untill I can put a disk in the CDROM that will come
>back with a response other than "Unable to start install, Please ensure
>that you have inserted the SGI install CD" Although this is one of the most
>proprietary machines I have dealt with many others (SGI 320 users) seem to
>be able to load W2K without getting this prompt. I have the SSK for W2K but
>that is to be loaded after the install of the OS...correct?!! Also wanted to
>say thanks for the interest and help as noone is paying you, I would just
>love to get the old girl up and running which I have accomplished, although
>an Operating System would be nice!!!LOL thanks,
>"UNIX Museum" wrote in message
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>> > In news:b9hRb.1031$, UNIX Museum wrote:
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>> >>Did you create a FAT partition for the arc loader?
>> >
>> >
>> > You do not need to this. The documentation that came with the 320s was
>> > incorrect. The addendum to that documentation was also incorrect. All
>> > instructions related to creating a FAT partition for the arcloader were
>> > due to political issues at the time of the 320s release.
>> >

>> OK then, educate us, please!

A) I am not a Windows support person.

B) I make limited use of Windows because some of the software I want to
use is only available on Windows.

C) I have built at least six multi-boot machines with some combination
of MSDOS, Windows NT4, Windows 2000, RedHat 6, RedHat 7, RedHat 9
or RedHat LTS on each. The most complex is a hexa-boot: Linux 7 and
LTS, MSDOS, Windows NT4 SP6a and 2 copies of Windows 2000 SP4 (because
I have some software products that can not ``stand'' each other).

D) I do not know whether an SGI 320 can boot from a CDROM directly; but,
I have the impression that it can from discussions in these groups.

E) I do not know whether an SGI 320 can boot from a floppy directly.

F) You may like to determine whether a SGI 320 can boot Tom's from
a floppy: and run mkdosfs.

You may like to determine whether a SGI 320 can boot any version
of Partition Magic (a commerical product) from either CDROM or
floppy and use it to make a FAT partition. The standalone versions
run under an included copy of DRDOS.

You may like to determine whether a SGI 320 can boot a Knoppix
CDROM: and use the tools therein (perhaps,
mkdosfs, fdformat or mformat) to make the FAT partition.

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