Is there someone who has ArcIMS (4.0.1) running under SGI IRIX64 6.5? The
spatial server (aimsserver) will not start on my machine.

I'm using:
- Web server: Apache 1.3.6
- Servlet engine: Tomcat
- Java: 1.3.1
- ArcIMS: 4.0.1

ESRI's ArcIMS provides the foundation for distributing high-end geographic
information systems (GIS) and mapping services via the Internet. After
installation most items seem to work (ArcIMS application server, connection
with Apache and Tomcat), but the spatial server fails to start. I have
contact with the service desk of ESRI, so far whithout succes, and I was
wondering if someone has got it running so we could see what differences
there are between the systems.