I was browsing ebay and marketplace newsgroup to see prices of used Octanes.
I concluded some stuff, please correct me if I took something wrong:

1) low end (R10K SI/SE) are fairly cheap (say about 200-300$)
2) there are few versions of middle (2 or 8 GB RAM)
-dual R10K with SSI/SSE/MXI/MXE
-single R12K 300MHz with SI/SE/SSI/SSE
3) high end (dual R12K 300-400, MXI/MXE, 8 GB RAM)

However, looking at prices I have noticed something strange, like TRAMs
prices (insane) or prices for high end machine. Also, prices for similar
vary 2-3 times. Are newer motherboards, CPU, PSU, xbow revisions or memory
so costly? Is there any larger difference in price between R12K 300MHz and
R12K 400MHz. Could someone here write down estimated fair prices for middle
and high end options? Size of HDD, quantity of RAM etc make price
but I am primary interested about MB, CPU and GFX. Everything else can be
easily added later so is not of primary concern (ofcourse, I am not thinking
on bizarre combinations like 2xR12K, MXE, 64MB RAM and 4GB HDD).