Well, its 4 o'clock on a saturday and workaday stuff is bugging

using Irix 6.5.11m on an Origin 200.

trying to user level I/O via 'pciba' on a PCI card that uses Only
BAR0 and Bar2. after locating the card via /hw/.id/pci/'etc'...,
only the /hw graph is created for BAR 0. And I need to
mmap via Bar 2, where all the action is for this card.

Using the old faithful 'cardinfo.c' (from Bruce Johnson?) only
BAR 0 is shown. cardinfo.c steps thru the BARs 0-N until
a BAR returns zero. But if i modify cardinfo.c to step thru
and print BAR0 thru BAR5, I get an addy for BAR0, zero
for BAR1, and an addy for BAR2, and an zero from BAR3
thru BAR5.

Main question:
on an Origin 200 with 6.5.11m, does the bootup stop probing
and adding to the /hw graph after one of the BARs (0 thru N)
returns zero?

My customer on a 3000 with a later rev of irix gets BAR2
in the /hw graph on bootup for the same pci card.

Is it my Origin 200 hardware or my primitive OS level that doesn't find this
BAR2 on bootup?

BAR0: sensible addy
BAR1: 0x00000000
BAR2: sensible addy

No BAR2 after bootup available thru /hw graph for mmap.

any replies On or Close to topic are invited.

time is of the essence, aint it always?