I can think of two possibilities that would result in such error messages:

1) native XFS with file system damage; run xfs_check and xfs_repair.
(If this is on the root system, then this can get ``interesting.'')
2) Dangling sysmbolic links. rm should fix these.

(You have implied that these are native file systems and not NFS served
to this machine; otherwise, the same situation, but on the server.)

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The following header lines retained to effect attribution:
|Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2003 16:00:08 -0400
|From: Kirt Dankmyer aka Loki
|Subject: directly modifying directory entries?
|To: info-iris-misc@ARL.ARMY.MIL

|Is there any way to directly modify a directory entry? On one of my
|Origin 200 boxes I have some files in the /tmp directory that show up
|in the directory listing but "don't exist" so I can't delete them.

|It's like this:

|mybox # cd tmp
|mybox # ls
|cr33p cr4p espdb.sock grio.lock
|mybox # rm -f cr*
|Cannot access ./cr33p: No such file or directory
|Cannot access ./cr4p: No such file or directory
|mybox # ls -l
|Cannot access ./cr33p: No such file or directory
|Cannot access ./cr4p: No such file or directory
|Srwx------ 1 root sys 0 Jun 2 17:37 espdb.sock
|-rw-r--r-- 1 root sys 4 Jun 2 17:37 grio.lock
|mybox # unlink cr33p
|Cannot access ./cr33p: No such file or directory
|maybox # ls
|cr33p cr4p espdb.sock grio.lock
|mybox #

|Obviously those aren't the actual file names but you get the picture.
|Any way to get rid of these "files"? This is on an XFS filesystem, if
|that makes a difference.