Today I noted that my Indigo2 R4400/250 apparently stopped working, so I took a look.

The Console (in which the program was running) stated something like : Bus Error... Kernel

Irix was still running, and I could still use it. The 1GB SCA Harddrive was shutdown
however, and had to spin up first (?)
Smells like an SCSI Error to me, which the System could not recover.
I just wonder if that might be a first sign of Harddisk failure
(I don't normally use SCSI Disks, xcept in those SGI Machines and an Alphastation I also
have running, so I'm not 100% sure what could have caused it)

I ran the System diagnostics after that, but after well more than one hour of no real
visible progress, I aborted.
The little progress indicator was still spinning, but extremely slow.
(similar tests on my other machines with bigger Harddrives completed much quicker)

Is there a Console command to thoroughly check the Harddisk, sort of a non-destructive
Surface Scan ?

For now the machine is back at work since about 3 hours, with no failure.
The only thing the HD has to do is to write a small amount of Data about every minute.

So far, it was running flawless for about 2000 hours 24/7, although under sub-optimal
thermal conditions (it gets a bit hot here in Summer, due to lots of running computers
The air leaving the Case Fan doesn't seem very hot though, so heat really never seemed to
be an issue for the machine.


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