Timo Kanera wrote:

> the 6.5.21 changelog is on techpubs now:

> apparently support for many older systems will be dropped in .22
> *sigh*

It just was a question of time that this will happen, and it makes sense,
though. Most of the machines have been through their theoretical life cycle
long ago, providing support and spare parts get's more and more difficult.
By putting these machines in retired mode SGI can get rid of a bunch of
ancient drivers which probably often enough caused problems during
development of new Updates. And it forces customers still running such old
machines to upgrade ;-)

But I agree that the name scheme is a bit confusing, the Release dropping
support for the old machines should be named something new. Since a current
M-/F-Release replaces most part of an original IRIX 6.5 installation there
now is a point where the Updates are almost as big as the OS itself. SGI
should use the chance with IRIX 6.5.22 when getting rid of the old irons and
clean up IRIX and give this a new name, maybe IRIX 6.6. Would certainly even
be a good marketing decision since it shows the outside world that since
1998 SGI finally offers a new version of it's operating system ,-)

BTW: Anyone knows when 6.5.21M will be available online?