Marcus Herbert wrote:
> [..]
> Support for tcp_wrappers package
> In IRIX 6.5.21, the tcp_wrappers package is available in the
> eoe.sw.base IRIX subsystem. It consists ofi the following components:
> * A library in /usr/lib/
> [..]
> *eeks* o32 system binaries? They finaly got rid of o32 and made n32 the
> systems default? Or just a typo? :-)

Not entirely a typo -- /usr/lib/ exists, and so does
/usr/lib32/ In fact /usr/lib/ is N32? Very odd.

> Nice to have the system openssl headers included by now. I hope that the
> freeware packages take note about this and one can choose either to use
> the system openssl as dependancy or the freeware openssl. One openssl
> per installation is enough IMHO.

The freeware distribution still strives to support all IRIX 6.5.x
releases, including ones before handy features like /dev/random and
supported openssl libraries were introduced. We *could* build two
versions of everything, one referencing the IRIX libraries and one
referencing the freeware ones, but the complexity doesn't seem worth the
benefit. Tweaking prereqs so freeware packages would try to use
whatever library they found first isn't robust, as the versions will

So while it'd be nice to drop fw_openssl in favor of the IRIX one, it
isn't likely to happen soon.


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