Oddly enough, before I upgraded to 6.5.20 everything worked fine.
But now the lights on my Onyx2's ethernet interface don't even light
up on booting. /etc/init.d/network start and restart have no effect.

Message from IRIX early in the boot process is:
Configuring ef0 as hydro
WARNING: ef0: Link fail - check ethernet cable

On further inspection, 'netstat -i' reveals:

Name Mtu Network Addr Ipkts Ierrs Opkts Oerrs Coll
ef0 1500 18.38 hydro 0 0 24 24 0

'ifconfig -v ef0' yields:

ef0: flags=8485c43

inet 18.38.x.y netmask 0xffff0000 broadcast
hardware link is down

(x.y above in place of actual address for security purposes, "hydro" not
real name)

Is this a simple matter of the ethernet board being hosed and my needing
to buy a new
one? If not, any suggestions to how to get this working again?
If the board IS dead and gone, is there a cheap replacement (pref
additional board)
that I can buy somewhere? The ethernet jack is on the same board in
this Onyx2
as the mouse, keyboard, etc and all the other stuff on it works OK.

Any ideas highly appreciated.