> quite easy: /usr/gfx/stopgfx --- and the textport will come up,
> if you have 'console=g'. otherwise (console=d): serial terminal.
> also, depending on what exactly your app needs for running, you
> could start up in single user mode --- and manually start the minimum
> required services ... some minimalistic example is:
> S20sysetup S30network S48savecore
> S23autoconfig S32sshd S98rtmond
> ...this should give you working networking but not much more...
> it's also usefull to do 'chkconfig verbose on' --- which should
> be a bit more verbose of what exactly gets started.
> (networking still can start quite a lot of 'unwanted' stuff)
> then --- of course --- do 'ps -ef' and see what's really running ;-)
> wolfgang

Alright, using a plain Console is probably going to give a nice boost
I'll give that a shot.


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