Markus Kummerer wrote:
> Hello,
> According to Heise Online (, SGI´s upcoming product,
> which they name "Onyx4 UlitmateVision", is going to use ATI Graphics Chips.
> The site also claims, that an ATI Graphics Chip will be available for the
> "Tezro" Visual Workstation in 2004.
> Regarding Heise Online, this site has an excellent reputation in the German
> speaking area, so it is definitely not another "Rumors"-Site.
> IMHO an unpleasant way to start the week...

Yes, very unpleasant. I hoped one could be able to write OpenGL 1.4/2.0
code from true Silicon Graphics hardware in the future, but the hope
seems to be gone. I felt happy that SGI finally managed to support
FP-color buffers in Onyx4, but I wondered why they gave so little
details about the gfx hardware in itself, and why Onyx4 framebuffers
were 8/8/8/8 instead of 12/12/12/12. You posted the answer. It's really

I understand there're users whose main interest is MIPS and IRIX, and so
they might not feel too sad about plugging a mass-market gfx card in
their machines. However, for the rest of us, who choose SGI because it
means "Silicon Graphics" rather than just MIPS or IRIX, it's indeed a
very sad announce.

I also wonder what will happen with some SGI extensions. ATI doesn't
support all of them. Will SGI write ATI drivers that implement such
extensions using OpenGL 2.0 programmability? Or will they choose to
break compatibility with high-end apps that use such extensions and ask
their developers to change the code?