This morning one half of the disk array attached to our SGI Origin 2000
accidentally was powered down. Since then, xlv_mgr says that the
relevant xlv, cip0, is "missing unique piece". Numerous error messages
are also show when xlv_mgr starts, of the format:

Rejecting partition /dev/rdsk/dks16d2s0. The partition does not exist.

Examination of the label using xlv show label dsk16d2vh also shows lots
of junk (non-printable characters) in the label. The key information
for the actively used partitions, however, seems to be there. The
configuration of this XLV is -striped dks12d2s7 and dks16d2s7.

Deleting the XLV and recreating it with xlv_make doesn't change the
situation. Yet the confusing this is that dsk12d2s7 and dks16d2s7 are
both there, and a simple test with dd if=blah count=1 confirms that I
can read from the disk devices.

So, does anyone know of anything I could do to remedy the situation?