Hi all!
I am trying to install qc-usb module for Logitech quickcam express on
my SGI prism server running on RHEL 3. But now qc-usb module requires
videodev module to be installed first. I am not able to find "videodev"
module for RHEL 3 on net.

# uname -a
Linux godavari 2.4.21-sgi306rp13 #1 SMP Wed Aug 3 14:14:32 PDT 2005
ia64 ia64 ia64 GNU/Linux
I am using 2.4.x kernel on 64bit Itanium processor. I found that there
are no video modules present in my system as is evident from following

# cd /lib/modules/2.4.21-sgi306rp13/kernels/drivers
# ls -F
block/ char/ input/ misc/ net/ scsi/ usb/ xscsi/

It shows that there are no video drivers. This is the reason why
modprobe fails.

# /sbin/modprobe videodev
modprobe: Can't locate module videodev
I don't know where to get these modules. Is it already there in the
kernel and I would have to just activate it? If yes, then how? If it is
not present in my system, where can I find these video modules and how
do I install them.

Please help.