While trying to build gcc-4.0.2 with GNU as, IRIX ld, and MIPSpro
7.4.3m, I ran into an ld error:
ld32: FATAL 2 : Internal: at ../../ld/section_type.c In load_info()
unknown section type

This was while trying to create the libstdc++.so shared library. If I
dump the section headers of one of the object files in the link:
$ elfdump -h .libs/allocator-inst.o

[No] Type Addr Offset Size Name
Link Info Adralgn Entsize Flags

[1] 0x11 0 0x34 0x8 .group
43 0x25 0x4 0x4 0x00000000

[2] 0x11 0 0x3c 0x8 .group
43 0x26 0x4 0x4 0x00000000

[13] SHT_PROGBITS 0 0xa0 0 .text
0 0 0x10 0 0x00000006 ALLOC EXECINSTR

[14] SHT_PROGBITS 0 0xa0 0 .data
0 0 0x10 0 0x00000003 WRITE ALLOC


Notice for some of the section headers, we get numbers for the type
(e.g. 0x11) rather than a name (SHT_PROGBITS). Is this the reason for
the ld error? I'm thinking the section types in the elfdump -h output
get converted to names for the types ld knows about and left as
numbers otherwise.

albert chin