Cutrun wrote:

> Hi. I need help regarding software installation under Irix.
> I've downloaded Samba for Irix which is comfortably sitting on my Octane
> HDD, but I can't seem to figure out how to properly install it.
> Can anyone please help me, and list a precise order of steps how to
> accomplish this ?
> Thnx in advance.

If you dowloaded the software from, you just need to
start the Software manager (swmgr) and change the source location to
where you've put those tardist files, but I'm pretty sure you'll need
some other stuff as well to resolve the dependancies...

For help on configuring your Samba you can either edit the configfiles
yourself (the main is smb.conf) or use it's own webinterface, SWAT.

More help is here: