Chris Thomas wrote:
> I wonder if any one can help. I am trying to use our Wyse terminal to
> connect to our Sunfire V120 server using the RJ45 connector. This
> used to work fine but all of a sudden it seems to have stopped
> working. No changes have been made to the server etc (Solaris 8).

Alas, the description "seems to have stopped working" is not a lot
of information from which to diagnose the problem. Have you tried
any troubleshooting?

(One caution is to avoid sending a serial BREAK signal from the
terminal, which could halt execution of Solaris and drop control into
the Open Boot PROM. I don't know if the V120 has a panel key switch
with a "Locked" position, but, if so, you should set the switch that
way while experimenting, to prevent the OBP from gaining control if
BREAK gets sent inadvertently.)

> Does anyone know what settings the terminal should be set with
> (e.g., comms, display, etc.)?

The normal Sun console settings would be 9600 bps, 8 bits, no parity,
but these parameters are mutable via the OBP.

Is it possible that some mischievous person replaced the serial cable
on this terminal? Perhaps it needs a "null modem" connection but now
has a straight-through cable?

Some folklore about Sun (and SGI) serial consoles is archived here:

Some other discussion of how to use a serial console terminal with a
Sun server is visible behind the link "discussion of Unix and Linux
terminal use" at:

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