Recently (I believe after installing 5440, 5513, 5607, 5627) I discovered,
that file permissions for some binaries are set incorrectly - for example
'/usr/etc/fam' is 000, '/usr/bin/X11/netscape' is 700 and so on.
Is it possible that inst did that and if not what could (beside malicious

The most annoying effect is that local users cannot start applications from
the toolchest anymore. After logging in they get a message: "The customization
panels cannot communicate with the Icon Catalog. Please restart the system".
When they're trying to "open a new unix shell" a little splash appears on the
screen for a while but then nothing happens.
Everything works fine when I log in as root.
Which files could have the permissions set incorrectly?

The machine is running IRIX 6.5.20f.

Any help appreciated,