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>Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 23:07:12 -0500
>From: cosmos
>Subject: Re: ipfilterd missing
>To: info-iris-admin@ARL.ARMY.MIL

>RJ45 wrote:
>> Hello,
>> on my system I don;t have the ipfilterd binary in /usr/etc
>> probably when I installed the system (6.5.17m)
>> I did not install the subsystem which contains ipfilterd.
>> I have upgraded the OS many times up to 6.5.20m now.
>> How can I install ipfilterd correctly now ?
>> IS it possible to do it ?
>> thanks

>> Rick

>open up your foundation 1 cd and look in the idb ( i believe its in the base eoe ), select
>that address the conflict by feeding it your 6.5.20 overlay and voila.


# findpkg65 ipfilterd
Looking in the Irix 6.5 distribution:
1 eoe eoe.sw.ipgate
on Irix-6.5_Foundation_1

< findpkg65 is a shell script that searchs the *.idb files from those
images and formats the extracted data in a more readable format.>>

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