I just picked up a couple of extra DAT drives for my Octane, and am
using xfsdump -f $tape1 -f $tape2 -f $tape3 ...

This is most excellent, but seems to like to keep the streams balanced.
Since two of my drives are DDS2 and one is DDS3, it would make some
sense to have the DDS3 drive do a bit more than the others. Is it
possible to specify the amount of data going to each stream in some
simple way?

Also, when one of the tapes is full, and I need to change the media,
xfsdump waits until I have done so before dumping anything else to the
other drives. Is there some method whereby I can say that I don't want
to change the media in drive one, just continue on drives two and
three? My dump size requires four tapes, but xfsdump wants me to give
it six tapes.

Dr Tristram J. Scott
Energy Consultant