I have here a SGI Onyx2 with 5 IR2 graphic pipes to run a CAVE and a
panorama display system using Irix 6.5. The first pipe has 3 channels
(used with the panorama display) - Xsgi0 - and the other 4 pipes are
used with our CAVE - Xsgi1. For unknown reasons I can not start the X
daemon for the CAVE.
After starting /usr/local/CAVE/bin/cavevars test program (to checkout
the CAVE tracking system) the X server crashed and showed only the SGI
logo on dark background (keyboard and mouse got deactivated). A manual
start of xdm or Xsgi on display :1 failed with error message
"Xsgi1[pid]... return area did not go valid!". So I decided to do a
'full' startup via 'stopgfx;killall xdm;startgfx' and after stopgfx
the Onyx2 rebooted unexpectedly!
After the reboot, startgfx failed with lots of "xdm[pid]: Server for
display :0/1 terminated unexpectedly: 0/1" and after repeating
stop/startgfx 3 times the display :0 on the panorama came up, but the
CAVE display still fails with "Xsgi1[pid]... return area did not go
To run the panorama and the CAVE we have two separate mouse/keyboard
systems and everything on the panorama works fine. I also can remotely
logon to the Onyx2 even via XDMCP without problems.
I am not sure what exactly the problem is, as the graphic cards
(IR0-4) are all started fine. Does anyone has a suggestion what I may
can try to get my X display for the CAVE up and running?

Thank you