APC did eventually release a version of PowerChute+ that still runs even
under IRIX 6.5. It took us forever to get them to make a non-COFF executable
and ship it. We've been using it for a great number of years now. It works
for the most part, except for the scheduled calibration tests. I have them
scheduled for the first Monday of the month and some times they actually do
run. Daily self tests work fine.
TrippLite has software for free download from their Web site. It is
suppose to work with not only their UPS's, but also APC and others as well as
IRIX and other OS's. I've not tried it yet. They even have the source
available too. I seem to remember posts from people who said their was other
software available from other sources as well. I don't remember the names.
You'll have to check the comp.sys.sgi.* news group archives at:


to find the old posts.


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