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>Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 09:06:19 +0200
>From: Marcus Herbert
>Subject: Re: O2 upgrading info
>To: info-iris-admin@ARL.ARMY.MIL

>Mirko Viviani wrote:
>[.. miniroot install of 6.5.20 not working ..]
>> it loads from network and then it appears the following message:
>> Cannot load network(0)bootp()server:/path/to/miniroot/unix.IP32.
>> Illegal f_magic number 0xaced, expected MIPSELMAGIC or MIPSEBMAGIC.
>> [...]
>> PANIC: Unexpected exception

>> Is there something I could try?

>Set up a user guest (without a password) on the FreeBSD box with pdksh
>as its login shell and do a live install from a running 6.5.0 system on
>the O2 (using swmgr):

The account name does not have to be guest or root.
The account name can be any login-able account.
The account does not have to be password-less.
The account does need to be login-able from root
or guest from the installing machine via rsh and rcmd.

inst user@host.dom.ain:/the/place/on/the/host

Please, do not use password-less accounts for security reasons.

> # swmgr -f

>Maybe you have to install patch 5086 before you begin (or was 5086 only
>needed for .21 and up?) and even restart swmgr (because that one gets
>replaced with the patch).

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