Lori Gilbertson wrote:
> We have someone working on it now - should be available via
> web page download within the next 6 weeks. We'll let you
> know when it's ready.

Thanks for all your patience...

The May 2004 update to the SGI IRIX Freeware Project is available
from http://freeware.sgi.com/. The distribution contains over 480
freeware packages built for IRIX 6.5. New additions in this release

fw_bzflag bzflag- Multiplayer Tank Combat
fw_ctags ctags-5.5.2 Source code indexer
fw_fontconfig fontconfig-2.2.0 Font configuration and customization library
fw_hpijs hpijs-1.4.1 HP IJS printer drivers for Ghostscript
fw_ifchk ifchk-0.95b1 network interface checker
fw_par par-1.1 Parity Archive Utility
fw_ploticus ploticus data display engine software
fw_render render-0.8 X Render Extension
fw_sip sip-3.1 Generate Python classes from C++ libraries
fw_swig swig-1.3.12 simple wrapper and interface generator
fw_xft xft-2.1.2 X to FreeType connection library
fw_xrender xrender-0.8.3 X Render Extension Library

Updated packages are:

fw_atk atk-1.6.0 GTK2 Accessibility Toolkit
fw_cdrtools cdrtools-2.00.3 audio/data CD recording tools
fw_cyrus-imapd cyrus-imapd-2.1.14 Cyrus IMAP server
fw_db4 db4-4.1.25 Berkeley DB 4.1
fw_gimp gimp-1.2.5 GNU Image Manipulation Program
fw_glib2 glib2-2.4.0 Abstract data type library
fw_gtk2+ gtk2+-2.4.0 GIMP Toolkit
fw_hexedit hexedit-1.2.7 Hexadecimal file editor
fw_imlib imlib-1.9.14 image loading/rendering library
fw_libwmf libwmf-0.2.8 Windows MetaFile conversion libs
fw_mozilla mozilla-1.6 mozilla.org's browser suite
fw_mutt mutt- ncurses-based mail client w/MIME
fw_openssh openssh-3.7.1p2 secure rsh, rcp replacements
fw_pan pan-0.14.2 Gnome Based Newsreader
fw_pango pango-1.4.0 GTK2 Core and Text Font Handling
fw_pine pine-4.58 email/news client
fw_sylpheed sylpheed-0.9.6claws GTK based email client
fw_wv wv-0.7.6 Microsoft Word compatible tools
samba Samba Version 2.2.8a.2

Most of the mirror sites have already been updated with the
addition of a new mirror at:


Please email any questions or comments to freeware@sgi.com!

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