I was playing around with my SGI 540, and ran into an interesting problem
when I attempt to install Win2k Pro from scratch...

I first downloaded the latest driver for the embedded QLogic QLA1080 chip,
from the following site:


Then I copied this driver to a floppy disk, and installed Windows 2000 Professional
the usual way... and pressed the F6 key when prompted, etc.

The Win2k Setup program reads the floppy OK, and lists the driver correctly,
and then it continues...

However, when it gets to the step where it "Starts the Windows Installation",
(after copying lots of files from the Win2k Pro CD) the system hangs...

Then I rebooted and tried this again, but with the NT 4.0 drivers, downloaded
from this site:


The Windows 2k Setup program reads this driver successfully after pressing
the F6 key... and continues... but it still hangs at the same point as the
previous installation attempt.

Then I ran the installation without pressing F6 when prompted, and it progresses
to the point where it asks you about the partitions... and then informs me
that it couldn't find a disk to install Windows on... which is correct (since
the SCSI driver is unknown at this point)...

So I'm wondering where to get the special driver required for the 540's embedded
QLA1080 chip, for Windows 2000 Pro?

I'm also wondering if you have to upgrade from a Windows NT 4.0 installation
to Win2k Pro, on a 540?

Several months ago, I did the upgrade from NT 4.0 to Win2k on a different
540 system, and I don't remember having this problem with the SCSI controller?

Has anyone here performed a clean Win2k Pro installation on a 540, and if
so, which driver did you use for the SCSI problem?