If I use xfsrestore to recover some ancient files from tape, but then
abort that using ^C, then xfsrestore deems that restore session to have
been interrupted. Next time I decide to restore some files, xfsrestore
wants me to resume the interrupted session. Is there a way to avoid

cow 1# xfsrestore -i -f /dev/tape .
xfsrestore: using scsi tape (drive_scsitape) strategy
xfsrestore: version 3.0 - type ^C for status and control
xfsrestore: ERROR: -R option required to resume or -Q option required to
force completion of previously interrupted restore session

Does the -Q option help here? My reading of the xfsrestore man page is
that -Q is for a different situation.

What I did was begin restoring from an old tape, then decide that it was
the wrong one. I interrupted the session, and stuck in the correct
tape. I wanted to restore using the -i option, but ran into the problem
above. It seems to me this should be easy enough, but I can't figure it

As an aside, is there any performance penalty using an internal DAT on
an Octane? I recall that SCSI chains run at the speed of the slowest
item. Is the DAT likely to slow down the transfer rate of the two disks
beside it? Would I be better off with the DAT on the external SCSI
chain, with the CD-ROM?

The DAT drive is an SGI DDS-2 device, I think an Archive Python. (I
would ask it, but I'm waiting for xfsrestore to finish...)

Dr Tristram J. Scott
Energy Consultant