Marcus Stade wrote:
> Hi,

> I recently started fiddling with my octane again, after having it
> standing on the floor collecting dust for a while. Now I got a little
> issue with hooking it up to my little LAN here at home. Basically what
> happens when I hook up my Octane to my Linksys BEFSR41 router is that
> I get a warning as if the ethernet cable was unplugged, like so:

> "WARNING: ef0: link fail - check ethernet cable"

> The little led on the router for that ports keeps blinking regularly.
> On for about two seconds, and then off for the same amount of time.
> Hooking the octane up to a 10-mbit hub gives no issues at all, works
> fine. It'd be nice to use the router though (100mbit switch). I have
> three other machines hooked up to the router, one being an O2 and it
> works just fine, I have it to autoconfigure ip-address and everything
> is just peachy. It's just the Octane that's grudgy.

> Before I did an IRIX re-install on it, it also gave me an error
> saying:
> "ef0: ef0: remote hub error", or something along the lines of that,
> iirc.

> I've never seen that error before, and I couldn't find much
> information on it either. Any ideas?

Might be worth double-checking to make sure the ethernet cable
is wired right ... I've had some that weren't done right that would
work find on some machines, would always work at 10baseT, but
would fail to work entirely on some computers if it had to
negotiate 100baseT. (flashing link light).