I am kind adesperate.
I upgraded from 6.5.19m to 6.5.20m.
Everything went fine.
Then while Installing Patch 5095: irsaudit fixes for 6.5.20 the
system hanged suddently and I got this screen message:

PC: 0xa8000000200a895c ep: 0xa800000020f47948
EXC code:8, `Read TLB Miss '
Bad addr: 0x0000fc0000000000, cause: 0x8
I had to deatch the power cable because the power button was not responding.

THe big problem is that the machine now is not working anymore.
When i attach the power the machine turns on without I press
the start button, and the bulbs lamps turn on like if the
machine is on normal operating mode and nothing happens,
the screen is black and nothing happens.
What could be happened ?
anyone have an idea on how I Can make it boot again ?
THe problem is that I Cannot even enter the PROM os
and try to boot the machine.

thanks for any hints u can give me.