I've been dealing with a grouchy Onyx that complains about a missing EPC chip
on the IO4 board, a POKB error message on the system control module and an MC3
issue that disables one of the cpu's only if I install a full compliment of
RAM on the board,.

I've replaced both the IO4 and MC3 boards. The POKB problem seems to have
been on the VCAM board which has also been replaced.

Everything seemed to be going fine until my last reboot. Now the system hangs
up at the "Checking Inventory" screen on the System Control Module. However,
the Onyx's screen isn't completely blank, I do get a red mouse cursor on a
black background.

I've done a search through the archives and have determined that the s.o.p.
for this is to get a null modem cable so that I can use a terminal program to
get into the machine.

My question is, is the red cursor/black background normal at this stage of
game, or is it indicative of something else as well?