i have an max impact 10k with galilao jr board with blue-greenish video
dongle and max impact/tram option installed

all was working fine {tv in
and cam} till the drive failed, i have 2 tape backups 1 orig backup
6.5.11 and 1 recent 6.5.19,
backup manager said all was ok when finished the
backups, i tried too restore but - now at end of restore of either tape it
says cannot complete - error bad media right at the end of restore process
so im giving up on restore now.

then i installed irix 6.5.21 fresh-feature stream but when trying too
install impactv and galileo video software i get 8 conflicts saying
incompat with eoe.sw so too resolve this it wants to not install or add
another disk to resolve the conflicts
i dont know what disk its looking for , i tried the indigo2 impact video
disk and get more conflicts with dmedis bull

i have irix 6.5 and 6.5.21 install and overlays and the indigo2 impact
video disk
i also have 6.5.11 install and overlays

any help please