It's probably easy to solve this but I didn't get Irix manual with my
computer. I had some problems with computer so I decided to install Irix
5.3c again on my Indy. I didn't format HDD before installation because I
didn't want to delete all my files because I haven't made back up for some
After system copied all the files and comeputer was reset, Irix didn't boot
up log in window. In the middle of booting computer just stopped, and on the
screen was this:

***** Remouting Root *****
Using standalone network mode.
inst: Software instalation has instaled new configuration files and saved
previous version in some cases. You may need to update or merge old
configuration files with newer versions. Please see "Updating Configuration
Files" section in the versions(1M) manual page for details.

It looks as if I need to input some command or somethig.
Any help would be nice.
My email is: