Yeh email is getting quite cr*ppy

I got so fed up with yahoo and hotmail that I set up my indy running with
Exim and installed pine. Now all my mail goes onto that both directly and
via fetchmail. It's scanned with spam assassin too. I'm in control on my
mail now not some faceless corporation

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On Wed, 16 Dec 2003, Ian Mapleson wrote:

> Dear All,
> I often advertise SGI items for sale and/or yak about SGI things. Hence,
> I normally receive quite alot of email, but it's been barely a dribble
> recently. Some tests with friends have revealed emails often just never
> make it for no readily apparent reason.
> Thus, if anyone has tried to email me recently and not received a reply, it
> could be due to some kind of problem with my Yahoo mail which is causing
> email messages to simply vanish (I never receive them, but the sender
> doesn't get a bounced message). I think this has been going on for about
> three weeks, so if anyone has tried to email me during that time and I
> haven't replied then please try again, and also send a copy to my other
> account which is at:
> Sorry for any inconvenience caused. So far, Yahoo help has been worse
> than useless. Does anyone know how to contact that most elusive of entites
> known as a human being at Yahoo? So far, all I get back from help requests
> are stupid robot form replies.
> Hmmm. Has anyone heard if Yahoo is using some kind of spam block or
> filter which could be causing this, ie. something they've setup which
> account holders do not know about?
> Typical, I cough up some dough for the proper Yahoo account and it's
> worse than the free 6MB mail box I had before.
> Yours in email angst,
> Ian.
> PS. For sale: lots of SGI stuff!
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