As I was looking for some ways to configure my SGI on a DHCP network,
so I started to play with proclaim...

Needless to say, this bin is quiet effective: type [proclaim] and
enter... everything gets configured automatically.

Now, as some know, you get an IP address that is "leased". It means,
the DHCP server sends you an IP address with a "time to live" so to
say. You can check for how long here:

Of course, most of the providers give a small amount of "time to live"
from 2 hours up to 24 hours. And this is my major problem because I
would like to open a web site that won't be very busy.

As far as I understand, it looks like that if your IP stack is not
used during that time (no connection of any type), at the end of the
lease, the IP address is released by the system and the DHCP server
takes it back again in its pool... and might give it to another system
that requires a dynamic IP address.

Now, I have some precise questions:

- It possible to change this "lease" variable? (proclaim -l xxx should
do it but does the DHCP server override my request because it doesn't
- If I get back to a fixed IP network, how can I cancel the effects of
proclaim? (knowing that chkconfig autoconfig_ipaddress is off...)

Thanks in advance for your inputs on the subject...