The Typhoon Toolkit (
contains about 90 portable utility programs for text processing, file
and directory processing, customizing your login environment, disk space
management, performance analysis, system monitoring and system security.
It includes generalized login environment files for the Korn shell,
bash and the C shell.

Some functions of the Typhoon Toolkit:

* Substitute one text string for another in all files in a directory tree,
skipping non-text files. The substitution strings can be regular
expressions or plain text.

* List the largest files in a directory tree.

* Copy a file to multiple remote hosts, with disk backup of the target
file on each host.

The Typhoon Toolkit is available on all modern Unices and Windows; it is
distributed as part freeware, part commercial software. The price of the
commercial version was reduced by 50% as of March 1, 2003. You can download
the freeware or purchase the product at

Recent upgrades to Typhoon (version 2.2.3):
Added new option to remcmd program, fixed bug in maxwide.