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Thomas Jahns wrote:

> Per Ekman writes:
> > Thomas Jahns writes:
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> > > And before I forget: most IDE drives are optimized for regular
> > > downtime. IDE drives which are not specified for continuous
> > > operation(which includes quite a share of todays market) often have
> > > some fluid that can only be returned to certain places in the drive
> > > when a spin-down occurs.

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> > I'd be most interested in a reference for that information.

> This is from German c't magazine issue 19/1998 page 144.
> Please forgive my amateurish translation:
> ..while Fujitsu, Maxtor and Seagate did not disapprove continuous
> operation of their desktop models, an IBM employee gave us the
> surprising hint that IBM's desktop drives would live longer if spun
> down from time to time. The reason for this lies in the different
> coating of disks in desktop versus server drives which is applied to
> improve on the start/stop cycle tolerance of the drive. From this
> coating comes the disadvantage that in continuous use the lubricant
> will cover the read/write heads. This problem is prevented by turning
> off the drive because the heads will then be cleaned in the specially
> textured landing zone.
> The article also mentions that even entry-level server drives (which
> are SCSI) have a user adjustable ADM function (automatic drive
> maintenance) which would automatically take spin down the drive after
> one week of continuous operation. In the DCAS and DORS series the
> function was turned on by default, in the DDRS series it was turned
> off.
> All this was presented in a discussion about how many on/off cycles
> different drives could handle (does switching off of hard disk drives
> damage the drive apart from saving power and reducing noise?).

I remember this article I even talked IBM into sending us a set of tools
for changing the DDRS' behavior. OTOH I *never* actually did use it,
as my workmates weren't quite interested. In the 2001 I quit working
there; as far as I remember, no drive had failed until that date ;-/

But good I'm not the only one to remember.


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