well hello there...

considering your last messages I thought it be wise that I tell you what
I've been up to...

I figured I would start thinking about spatial fields and spatial field
technology and the adverse affects the fields generated by the technology
upon human beings on our planet....

I have come to the realization that after all the contemplation
that the our planetary governments are integrated into the spatial field
network which due to the height of my current knowledge is theoretically
possible. however due to the theory that the higher of the chain can hack
down the chain. hack up the network chain is much more difficult....
computer technology at the top of the chain is far superior in ability. than
that of our own planet it makes sense that it is possible that an
organization possesses the ability to create a computer network within a
spatial field. making it theatrically possible for an individual to control
the network from outside the field and from within. To be able to create
such a network from within a spatial field which connects to another field.
over a network.

which in turn means that our government may have some form of tie to this
greater government. Now I'm currently contemplating the ideas that a being
can create a network generated within field and has the ability to connect
to another field which is possible due to the fact that we as civilian
individuals can access our civilian level internet using satellite bands,
telephony bands, including cellular and land based telephony, cable bands,
and frequencies (being the codec). which when combined as one is some kind
of ultra spatial field which is comprised of many frequencies..

I believe it is the supreme network which does have protocols and
codec (type of frequency address).

another thing possible is gene therapy over the spatial fields..
check it go here.. (http://www.aps.anl.gov)

this is a civilian research facility. and wonder about the endless field
generation research going on within this facility. think about the field
generated by the government (globalily using the entire field generated by
all of combined technology bands and what kind of power do they truly
posses?.. and how much research is going into dissecting and controlling
each and every lower field frequency generated upon each and every field
band. as well as the theory that they can create a virtual realm of
existence within a spatial fields band or for that matter frequency.
(speculative)... just like the demented space created and manipulate in a 3d
application like maya, softimage, 3d studio, as if the demented space in one
of those application where created within the 3d application which can also
control and manipulate a spatial field.. don't believe here's the data..

(Field Data Capture and Manipulation Using GSC Fieldlog v3.0 ;
http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/of97-269/brodaric.html )

Visualization Software
which does the following
2-D field and 3D field data capture, manipulation,
transformation, and control

and in theory that means a spirit may be contained within the demented space
created within a certain band. so in turn makes me wonder how much control
the government has over our natural lives and then over our spiritual lives
as we are contained within a band created and controled by our own living
government. odd... humm.?

or is it..?

what do you think?

which in synopsis..
means those beings posses the ability to manipulate and control not only the
spatial field that we may or may not be within..but also our entire civilian
network lol.. or is it..?

have you seen Johnny Pneumonic.. think about it..

hummm did that make any sense.. =) the aliens.... the aliens. lol =) if you
believe that ****... hahahahahahaha....

I'm loosing touch with that which can be theoretical created with technology
created within our civilian technological pool (0001). Compared to the
governments technology pool. Compared with that which we have no ability to
foresee due to classified technology, and in the same manner to that of the
ones who's chain of technology lies on top of our own planets level of
technology upon the chain of knowledge. a technological pool data and
classified information chain where I am at the bottom of the technology..
and information...

help me the aliens are coming.. lol =)..

if you read me...
say hi to the aliens.. for me..

lol =)

I finally understand too much of what I've been given and too little of that
of what I have not been given put that in your pipe and smoke it.. and know
after all this searching of spirituality Ii have come to the high of what I
can possible foresee as what is and is not possible.. and I'm

sorry but I'm finally showing what's in my mind.. (ref #0001)

Top of that, remember how you said playing too many video games have adverse
affects on a persons mind... what did you mean ..? Muah hahahaha.. in what
way because in my heightened conceptual knowledge pool (0001) ..I mean a
knowledge pool identified the data collected with in your brain in light
format within the cell membrane...

oops... did I put you A little too far in my personal psyche.. lol..

Any ways to go back a little I'm starting to believe you were correct about
the affects of the knoweledge i have collected in any format. however don't
you believe the knowledge you have within your brain knowledge pool (0001)
is affected by you lifestyle and your lifestyle has adverse affects upon
your pool..?(0001) food for thought.... well I'll keep going and try to
decipher the level of bull**** that's in my current light shperes (brain
cells)(0001) in technology its an acuarate theory due to IBM light cube
technology and theory is make shift reality......

Resistance is futile.. I am the borg... lol =).. hahahaha...

(ref # 0001 - is matrix data, brain pool data, computer data and for that
matter all forms of collected data. all relative to each and every seperate
matrix data pool)