Sorry for putting hp-ux related question. But no choice. I have
configure hp-ux ldap client with solaris9 ds 5.2. i have created
directories for automount on same solaris.this is configuration i have
done in hp-ux11.0. But previously it was working now it is not
working.i think when i do df-k it shows error but i am not able to
understand it.


# more auto_master
/net -hosts -nosuid,soft
/home siroe:/ldap/& -nobrowse

# more mnttab
/dev/dsk/c0t6d0 / hfs defaults 0 1 1066455723
abcpid1836) /net ignore ro,intr,port=799,map=-hosts,indirect,dev=0000
0 0 1066520358
siroe:/ldap/ /home autofs ignore,indirect,nobrowse 0 0 1066424655

# df -k
/home (siroe:/ldap/ ) : 0 total allocated Kb
0 free allocated Kb
0 used allocated Kb
Floating exception(coredump)

thanking you,