I've just got an R10K 225 O2 and want to put the 18 Gig disk from my R5k
into it.

I know I need to re-install some parts of Irix for the different CPU,
but here's the question, the sysmanager wouldn't work after I upgraded
the R5k from 6.5.16m to 6.5.18f.

I've done the re-install (not on a clean disk) with the disk in the R10K
and changed to 6.5.18m thinking that may have been the cause of the
problem, but it's still there.

So to test if possibly there was an issue with the actual disks, I did a
clean install on a fresh disk on an Indy of 6.5.18m. Everything works.
How do I do a clean (total) re-install of everything on the R10k without
having to start with a reformatted disk as I don't want to have to
re-install all of the freeware and other apps that are already on there
and configured.

Any help greatly appreciated


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