1) what's the difference between /usr/bin/cc and MIPSpro/bin/cc,
the former belong to c_dev.sw.c, the latter belong to

2) when I use /usr/bin/cc and MIPSpro/bin/cc without license ( and
LM_LICENSE_FILE not set ), both show:

No such feature exists (-5,116)

The MIPSpro C Compiler
(license FEATURE string = cc)
requires a license password.

For license installation and trouble shooting
information visit the web page:


To obtain a Permanent license (proof of purchase
required) or an Evaluation license please
visit our license request web page:


or send a blank email message to:


In North America, Silicon Graphics' customers may request
Permanent licenses by sending a facsimile to:

(650) 932-0537

or by calling our technical support hotline


If you are Outside of North America or you are not a Silicon
Graphics support customer then contact your local support provider.

but a.out still can be produced and run.