I'm trying to reinstall some SGI boxen over the network. I've done
this before, but this time it's not going. From what I can see, the
problem is that I don't have a bootp server. But in the past, I can
swear I did this without the use of bootp. Am I just remembering
things wrong, or is it really possible to do a network boot w/o bootp?

Logically, I don't see what bootp would be needed for. Normally it
provides the system with an IP, a hostname that has a boot file, and
the file to download. But the IP is in the PROM, and the host and
filename are queried at the time of startup.

Anyone done this, or know of a reason it can't be done? I'm not
feeling like spending an hour or two debugging something that can't
be debugged.

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