I'm having trouble setting up automount auto.home tables over NIS,
served from a Irix 6.5.10f server.

I'm following the instructions from Chapter 5: Maintaining NIS in the
online docs

I have created the data in /etc/auto.home
I have edited /var/ns/nsswitch.conf.nisserv, and

and inserted in both
auto.home nisserv

I have created the local.make.script file as described in the document.

But when I run ypmake
it puts the /etc/auto.home data in to the MDBM file ok, but then when it
runs yppush, it hangs when trying to push the data to itself.

In ypservers I have the name of the master host, and the source file is
on the master host.

All the standard NIS tables updated just fine before I tried to do this,
and do just fine when I undo the auto.home map.

Can anyone offer advice? Why is it pushing data to itself, and second
why is that operation not successful?