Andrew Eye wrote:
> We've got a script running on an SGI box (IRIX 6.3) with permissions
> set 4750. I've turned off the nosuid config item via systune
> (nosuidshells=0) so I'm no longer getting the "Permission Denied"
> error I see posted so often, now I've got a new problem. The script
> now runs, but it fails to inherit the permissions of the owner. The
> script runs with the permissions of the user executing the script.
> The exact same script running on a Sun box works as expected,
> inheriting the permissions of the owner.
> I 've seen some references to changes in IRIX post v6.2 that include
> some "/dev/fd method" for closing security holes presented by suid
> scripts. Might this have something to do with our problem, given that
> we are running 6.3?
> Thanks,
> AndyEye

What write permissions are there on the file and its directory?

It might be that the write permission is too permissive and suid is being
ignored to prevent a possible security breach. E.g. group or other write
permission would enable some unscrupulous person to edit the script and run
the modified script suid. I don't know if IRIX does this as I never allow
suid scripts.

Nigel Wade