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|Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2003 16:17:44 -0700
|From: eliob
|Subject: setting up UUCP and Lock files for Users
|To: info-iris-admin@ARL.ARMY.MIL


|Looking for some assistance in getting a local user to:

|a) add another member-group to a users account ie elio user(group 1)
|uucp(group 2). The particular user will be a member of multiple
|groups, I have tried but had no success(Looked throught the ADMIN SGI
|bookshelve). All the pertinent files needed for IRIX, I have installed
|ie uucp services (But I may have left something out). I am currently
|running 6.5.18f

|b) In getting the user to be a memeber of multiple groups, I hope to
|be able to alleviate the following problems -
|1)check_group_uucp():error testing lock file creation error -
|Permission denied
|2)check_lock_status: no permission to create lock file

|How - oh - how does on alleviate these issues, I have read the Admin
|SGI bookshelve but an still getting these permission errors.

|So I concluded that it must be that the user needs to belong to
|multiple groups and one of those groups must be "uucp".

|any pointers?


$ man -k group | egrep '\([12]'
chown, chgrp (1) - change owner or group
chown, fchown, lchown (2) - change owner and group of a file
getgroups (2) - get supplementary group access list IDs
getpid, getpgrp, getppid, getpgid, BSDgetpgrp (2) - get process, process group, and parent process IDs
getuid, geteuid, getgid, getegid (2) - get real user, effective user, real group, and effective group IDs
groups (1) - show group memberships
grpck (1M) - group file checker
id (1M) - print the user name and ID, and group name and ID
jpeg2stiff (1) - convert a Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) image file to Stream TIFF (STIFF)
kill (2) - send a signal to a process or a group of processes
make (1) - maintain, update, and regenerate groups of programs (DEVELOPMENT)
multgrps (1) - spawn a shell with membership in multiple groups
newgrp (1) - log in to a new group
setgroups (2) - set group access list
setpgid (2) - set process group ID
setpgrp, BSDsetpgrp (2) - set process group ID (System V and 4.3BSD)
setregid (2) - set real and effective group ID
setuid, setgid (2) - set user and group IDs
sigsend, sigsendset (2) - send a signal to a process or a group of processes
sproc, sprocsp, nsproc (2) - create a new share group process
X.Org, XProjectTeam (1) - X.Org Group information

Checking out a few man pages which seem ``interesting'' gives:

man group ==>

The /etc/group file contains for each group the following information:
o group name
o encrypted password
o numerical group ID
o a comma separated list of all users allowed in the group


groups - show group memberships

groups [user]

The groups command shows the groups to which you or the optionally
specified user belong. Each user belongs to a group specified in the
password file /etc/passwd and possibly to other groups as specified in
the file /etc/group. Invoking groups without a user specified executes a
getgroups system call, which returns the grouplist of which the process
is currently a member. This list will contain only the effective group
ID unless a multgrps call has been executed; in that case it will contain
all groups in /etc/group to which the user belongs. ....


multgrps - spawn a shell with membership in multiple groups

multgrps [-]

multgrps creates a new shell process which is simultaneously a member of
all groups to which the invoking user belongs.

Every user belongs to a default group specified in /etc/passwd. Any
additional group memberships are listed in the file /etc/group.

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