Looking for some assistance in getting a local user to:

a) add another member-group to a users account ie elio user(group 1)
uucp(group 2). The particular user will be a member of multiple
groups, I have tried but had no success(Looked throught the ADMIN SGI
bookshelve). All the pertinent files needed for IRIX, I have installed
ie uucp services (But I may have left something out). I am currently
running 6.5.18f

b) In getting the user to be a memeber of multiple groups, I hope to
be able to alleviate the following problems -
1)check_group_uucp():error testing lock file creation error -
Permission denied
2)check_lock_status: no permission to create lock file

How - oh - how does on alleviate these issues, I have read the Admin
SGI bookshelve but an still getting these permission errors.

So I concluded that it must be that the user needs to belong to
multiple groups and one of those groups must be "uucp".

any pointers?