On Mon, 22 Sep 2003 18:55:26 GMT Tony 'Nicoya' Mantler
> # Yet more viruses
> :0
> *^From:.*support@microsoft\.com
> mail/viruses
> For the rest of the messages, I'm just gonna run 'em through
> Spamassassin's bayes filter and see if that can cut the traffic down
> to zero.
> There's only a few of those per day that get through here, so it's not
> much trouble. Much better than the 2000/day I was getting before.

Speaking of bayesian mail filters, bmf, the light-weight alternative to
spamassassin caught all those microsoft look-alike mails for me. However
I did get a bunch of viruses that had the odd thing in common that the
(fake) hostname given to the first mailserver was a single word all in
uppercase. (bmf didn't catch them becaues they didn't have any content?)

Gotta check that SUBJECT thing out though, hadn't seen that :-)

Staffan Thomén
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