Jamie Bowden wrote:
> For the last 3 weeks or so, whenever I try to go into Order Updates
> , I keep getting internal server
> error. It would be nice to order 7.4.1 compiler updates, and I'd sorta
> like to order the latest Irix release as well.
> I've tried this using Mozilla on Irix, IE on WinXP, and Mozilla on
> FreeBSD, all with the same results. Can someone from SGI comment?
> Jamie Bowden

Hmm... I just tried that link and clicking on Order Updates and got in w/o any problems.
Neat page btw... never actually tried this one before! I did this on my Octane running
6.5.21m with Netscape v4.8 (which is the default with 6.5.21). Sorry you're not having


Chris Jones
ASDC Senior Systems Administrator
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